Gain the Edge: Elevate with DispenseFirst!

Break free from the ordinary POS systems used by your competitors; choosing the same software means blending in, not standing out.

Embrace our cutting-edge technology to avoid being just like the rest. DispenseFirst is your gateway to a distinct retail vision.
Stand out in the cannabis industry with our dynamic POS, menu, and kiosk solutions.
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DispenseFirst products overview


Everything you need to keep operations compliant and running smoothly.

- Order management
- Proprietary loyalty program built-in
- Purchase order & inventory management
- Real time general ledger entries
- Optimized reports (NoSQL)
- Proprietary receipt printing built-in
- Multi-store functionalities
- Amazing customer support team

DispenseFirst POS
DispenseFirst POS


Create a unique ecommerce experience for your cannabis dispensary customers.

- Proprietary Menu built into your POS
- Clickable carousel
- Text, color, look, labels; customizable
- Products are reserved when order placed
- New customers added to your database
- Cannabis allotment tracked
- Discounts and coupons applied
- Dedicated web domain; SEO searchable
- Integrated debit card system


Let your customers place orders in-store or while enjoying your cafe and lounge.

- Proprietary Kiosk built into your POS
- Interactive sample station mode
- Process more orders, faster
- Upsell more products
- Simple user interface
- Products are reserved when order is placed
- New customers added to your database
- Cannabis allotment tracked
- Discounts applied

DispenseFirst Interactive Kiosk
DispenseFirst Payment image

Multi Payment System

Don't limit your dispensary to one payment method. Accept:

- Gift cards
- Credit memos
- Debit cards
- CanPay
- Cash

We integrate with:

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Frequently Asked Questions

DispenseFirst 2.0, released in December, 2022, was built from the ground up using some of the latest and most robust web technology resources available, while replicating the proven business logic of DispenseFirst 1.0. DispenseFirst is the only POS solution that has a built-in and proprietary menu, interactive kiosk, loyalty program, printing solution and accounting. Our competitors have a POS system but these systems require your dispensary to contract with integrators in order to utilize the built-in functions that DispenseFirst already includes.

(1) Your staff will not have to learn and maintain data across third party integrators; (2) Having to navigate from one integrator’s solution to another, guaranties that your dispensary is not operating at optimal performance; and (3) Time and dollar savings.

Yes! It is our client feature add requests that have made our cannabis dispensary POS system so valuable to dispensaries. Our architecture enables us to code features quickly and to deploy software updates only to those clients making a request. Once the feature is approved and fully tested by the client, we are able to roll out the update to all dispensary clients.

Our menu and interactive kiosk are part of the POS solution and therefore inventory items are pulled from your working inventory – not the State’s system. Inventory is reserved when the customer places the order. New customers are automatically added to your POS customer file. Recreational and medical customer allotments are automatically tracked. Sale pricing and discounts are applied to cart purchases. When the user places the order, the order feeds directly into the POS as an open order – there is no need for your dispensary agents to monitor cart orders!

No, we can’t since you own your data! Your data is stored in a private database that is not shared by any other dispensary organization.

Absolutely not! We will import your historical data. Additionally, you should be able to use your existing hardware. Please contact us to discuss the move to DispenseFirst.